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Diamond Saw Blade

Product Description

1.Unique 'T" design of segment side face allows ideal debris removal and better cooling.
2.Comparing to the long segment (L-40),this short segment (L20) design makes better sharpness and cutting efficiency.
3.This special design will not allow easy edge collapse,break,tapered slab etc.
Product Name Specification Core Thickness Segment Dimension Segment Number Application Note
JDK -TG Φ300 2.2/2.0 20x3.6/3.3/3.0x15(20) 38 Granite Silent or Non Silent
Φ350 2.4/2.2 20x3.6/3.3/3.0x15(20) 46
Φ400 2.8/2.4 20x4.0/3.7/3.4x15(20) 52
Φ450 2.8/2.6 20x4.3/4.0/3.7x15(20) 60
Φ500 3.2/2.8 20x4.3/4.0/3.7x15(20) 66
Φ550 3.2/3.0 20x5.0/4.7/4.4x15(20) 72
Φ600 3.6/3.2 20x5.0/4.7/4.4x15(20) 80
Φ650 4.0/3.6 20x5.0/4.7/4.4x15(20) 84
Φ700 4.0/3.8 20x5.4/5.1/4.8x15(20) 90
Φ800 4.5/4.2 20x6.0/5.7/5.4x15(20) 100

Other specification are available upon request.

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